2008 Captain’s Log

12 Monkeys 2001: A Space Odyssey 27 dresses A PrairieĀ  Home Companion Alien American Beauty Amores Perros Animal House Apocalypse Now Army of Darkness Barton Fink The Big Lebowski The Blair Witch Project Blade Runner Blood simple. Born on the Fourth of July Bottle Rocket Boys Don’t Cry Braveheart Breathless Broken Flowers Burn After Reading […]

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Captains Log–since I am doing this as more of an obit to the year rather than a constantly updated whatjamajig as I had intended it, I am bound to have left things out. [Rec] 17 Again 2012 9 A Serious Man Adventureland Angels and Demons Avatar Away we Go Bedtime Stories Benjamin Button Blindside Boogie […]

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Movie Log 2010

Jaws Buffalo ’66 Jarhead Rescue Dawn Network Ichi the Killer Hostel The Social Network Toy Story 3 The Killer Inside Me Despicable Me Winnebago Man Predators Salt Get Him to the Greek Green Zone Kick-ass Salt Green Zone Inception Iron Man 2 Date Night Toy Story 3 Machete The Book of Eli Predators Winnebago Man […]

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