the outlaw josey wales

Josey Wales is a western with Clint Eastwood where he gets betrayed multiple times and then becomes an outlaw, leaving a trail of bodies everywhere he goes. He was an ultimate badass. Gets his house burned down and cries vengeance on the Union–who then force the rest of his gang to surrender. The story’s steeped in mutiny, and he takes care of it the only way Western Clint Eastwood can: with more bullets than words. Everyone wants him dead, and he’s having none of it. Ultimate badass, I’m telling you.

Odd though, the problem that I had with this movie was the score. It felt way too melodramatic, as if it were for a good vs. evil western and not a vengeance western. It also sounded like the skeleton of all action-film-scores to come after it. Minor trifles. Clint Eastwood fucking rules.

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