blood simple

Ever since No Country for Old Men, I’ve had a hardon for the Coen Brothers. Though I had seen O Brother Where Art Thou before knowing their names, No Country was truly my first Coen Brothers film. I knew who they were at that point… And, with Blood simple., I have completely fallen head over […]

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The 400 Blows

Fran├žois Truffaut’s film debut came with many blows… 400 apparently. This French New Wave film is one that uses the archetypal filming techniques of the genre: on location and handheld. Some shots from far off, as if from a window, others from a car. It is like a current-decade independent film only it was made […]

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A Mandy Moore movie should have never graced the e-pages of Filmic Pulp. She was a decent singer, but a horrible actress. And she still is both of those things but this movie was one that I had to see because of my Christian upbringing. Though some churches despised the film, mine went and saw […]

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annie hall

After mentioning this film in my article on narration, I figured I’d review it. Winner of the Best Picture Oscar in 1978, Annie Hall is arguably Woody Allen’s magnum opus. It is the story, as narrated by Alvy (Allen), of one in a series of many failed relationships. The one discussed at length is–surprise!–his relationship […]

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Before I begin this review, let me say this publicly: I did not enjoy Blade Runner. It was boring and clunky and the story moved slower than molasses–not always a bad thing, but definitely a detriment to the subject matter. And, save the boring part, Alien was much the same way: clunky and slower than […]

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See, now here’s a movie where Willem Defoe is brilliant. I really do think it’s all about the director. And you can add Oliver Stone to the list of director’s that can handle his talent (it’s a lonely list, the only other director being David Lynch). In Platoon, we’ve got another movie at Vietnam. This […]

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the boondock saints

This film is one about two Irish-Catholic brothers in South Boston who believe in vigilante justice, by the will of God. They, the McManus brothers, feel that their mission from God is to take down the mobs and the pimps and murderers and the thieves by becoming one of them (it’s the same strategy used […]

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