Back to the Future Parts II and III plus notes on the Trilogy

So after Back to the Future was the top grossing movie of 1985, you knew that the open-ending was going to go somewhere.

Where did it go? To the motherfucking FUTURE! Where they don’t need roads, where Hill Valley is, ever more, ghetto. Doc Brown brings Marty to the future to stop his son from getting arrested and being jailed for 15 years, which makes his daughter try and help him escape, causing her to go to jail for 20 years. So Marty takes care of that, but, then Marty discovers an almanac and Biff’s been following them around, and he sees the almanac and takes it back to his teenaged self in 1955 so that he can amass a fortune.

And this is unbeknownst to Doc and Marty until they get back to 1985 where Biff’s casino and hotel have been placed where the clock tower and his mother is married to him. As a result, they have to go back to 1955 to get the almanac to Biff to keep things in line.

But, right as Marty’s about to get into the Delorean, which had been having trouble keeping any date in its time-of-destination window that wasn’t in 1885, Doc and the time machine are zapped away into the past. And then it says, “To Be concluded…”

And it’s concluded in Back to the Future part III, where Marty meets up with Doc, who’s now a blacksmith in the Old West version of Hill Valley. There’s the TannenMcFly rivalry, now transposed onto Doc who might just get shot if something isn’t done about the 80 dollars he owes Biff’s relatives.

So they handle their shit and get Marty back into the normal 1985.

What’s done is done. They may even be making a Back to the Future 4, maybe with the train time machine, who knows.

Anyway, as singular movies, Parts II and III are lackluster attempts are regaining the magic of the first movie. There’s all the ironies and the origins and the pussy-McFly turned learned-McFly themes. It all begins to wear on you after awhile. Although it’s good that they chose to focus more on Doc in the third movie because another movie about Marty getting into some crazy hijinx and having to whisk away in some sort of kickass fashion had been getting old.

In fact, by the third film, the whole idea had gotten old. Biff’s an ass, Marty’s great, Doc’s crazy but a genius, we get it. They simply kept rehashing jokes from the first film, trying to constantly bank on its success–which they did. The concepts themselves were different enough, but time travel movies require a bit of explication and Doc with his “Great Scott’s” and his “Damn’s” and his insanity begins to get on my nerves.

What also kind of got at me was that, when 1985 Doc goes back into the past, and meets Clara, he has children. Isn’t he about 65 years old by this time? But then I remembered that, in the future, he went to a rejuvenation clinic that fixed him right up so that he can spread his seed…

And I wonder if Jules or Verne lived in Hill Valley–or if they weren’t allowed to have children… Or if Doc murdered them once they hit puberty.

But, at the end of the day, these films are a shitload of fun and ones that will shut the kids up for two hours at a time. I even got to go to Jamestown, California, where they filmed this movie. It’s an old west revival town up in some podunk part of the Sierra Nevadas. It was okay, I can’t recommend it, even if you’re a big fan of the films. Just go to Universal Studios Hollywood and oggle the clocktower if it’s still there (I doubt it.).

But I guess my recommendation is to not watch all three movies in a weekend or a day, because they’ll begin to blur together and become one 6 hour future film in the past.

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