Writing a screenplay

So. You’ve been struck with a great idea as if by lightning. You can see the way it will play out, skeletally, but playing out it is. It’s haunting you. But you don’t know how to write it. And here I am to tell you some things that you can’t find in books about screenwriting. […]

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

So I’m super late on this one, but fuck you. This movie is Jason Segal’s first leading role after having a bit part in Knocked Up–I can’t remember if he was in any other Apatow movies. And he does a pretty good job. So this movie essentially bucks the trend of a romantic comedy somewhat […]

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Evan Almighty

I think I like Steve Carrell too much. He’s the only reason why I watched this movie and he’s definitely the most redeeming quality of it. So the break down: After Bruce Almighty ended, Evan Baxter, Bruce’s counterpart on the evening news, becomes a senator or a congressman or some shit and then gets talked […]

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Still Life early considerations

So, originally, I wanted to go the prototypical route of getting the movie distributed in theaters, filming in HDV, high quality everything… But then I was reading over at 1000dollarfilm some articles and I began to wonder… Why? Why not go cheaper, and distribute it online? Make downloads available for a couple bucks and allow […]

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cowards bend the knee

I can guarantee you that, if you see this movie, you will have one reaction and one reaction only afterwards. What the sweet goatfuck did I just watch? Yea, that’s Cowards Bend the Knee in a nutshell. Originally setup as 10 six-minute chapters in peepholes as a museum piece, this movie follows the story of […]

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