WGAw Registration #1274848 or, Still Life

This piss-poor website was never intended to simply host my shitty movie reviews… or even just my shitty articles. I knew that I would one day be using it to journal my experiences of making a shitty movie called Still Life.

Well, maybe not a shitty movie. I think I wrote the script well at least. Just maybe not the treatment which, if you want to read it, is available if you email me at evanrobertpugh@gmail.com .

In short, what’s Still Life about? A guy, Jacob, has a great life–published author, wonderfully loving wife, everything. But something goes completely wrong. Very wrong.

My plans to finance and fucking make this film are as follows: This summer, I plan to begin presenting to investors to hopefully get money to first purchase the camera and the mic setup. I thought about renting, but I realized that it would be much cheaper just to purchase. For the price of buying the camera, I would’ve only had 21 days renting it. Or three weeks. And I planned to at least give myself eight weeks to film. And the microphone setup I want to get is one I am still debating… I might want to shoot for the moon and get a high priced microphone, one set at around 2000 bucks, but I don’t know if it’s necessary.

See, sound is the thing I am actually most worried about because it is the small element that could destroy everything…. And if I get a shitty microphone, then my entire film may wind up being ruined because of the piss poor decision… I was reading a comparison of low cost film microphones (aka “Shotgun mics”) and his final assessment was that you could possibly squeak by with a theatrical release using these microphones.

The one that interested most of those three was the $250 Azden that is both a long and a short shotgun microphone… However, will it give me what I need? I don’t fucking know. There’s a bunch of higher ended, prettier, microphones (like the Neumann km82i and the Sennheiser MKH70) but I’m straight up not sure about any of them… I’m figuring that if I go with one of the more expensive two, I won’t have to worry about having shitty sound in a giant theater, y’know? But if I don’t, I could definitely save some money since the Azden is only 10% the price of the Neumann or the Sennheiser…

But I guess that’s where the investor comes in. If they’re willing to put out more money to grant me the ability to have better sound, then that is theirs to choose.

Onto the film element, I have already decided that I will be trying to get a Canon XH-A1, which is a top of the line HDV camcorder that I can get with filters and lenses for around 3800 on eBay. I was honestly contemplating the GL2 but I decided that I will probably be using this camcorder for many years to come and HDV is the wave of the future… I don’t want to have to get a new camera in a few years time when I could just get one now, y’know?

So this summer I will be presenting to investors, and essentially starting up Sleeping Bear Productions, and putting all this into a business account.

Then, after I’ve ascertained the camera and the microphone, I will begin to experiment with it by making some short films. The best ones I will screen either this December or in March (during Spring Break) of 2009. See, it’s kinda tough going to school in Arcata, CA, and having to deal with all of the best parts of the film business in Southern California.

I’m going to a SAGindie workshop that will walk me through the process of signing SAG actors for low budget films so that when the time comes I’ll know how to get actors. And that time will be next May, when I will host a casting call choose my actors.

And then once the actors are chosen, the locations are set, and everything is well and good, the fun and the madness of making my first feature film will begin.

I will need your help and your prayers over the next year and a half because the bottom line is that I’m going to attempting to make a 12-15,000 dollar film and I have barely pennies to my name. But this is the passion that has been set upon my heart, the calling. And I am going to chase after it with the fervor it instills.

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