Still Life early considerations

So, originally, I wanted to go the prototypical route of getting the movie distributed in theaters, filming in HDV, high quality everything…

But then I was reading over at 1000dollarfilm some articles and I began to wonder… Why? Why not go cheaper, and distribute it online? Make downloads available for a couple bucks and allow my film to be accessed by many more people than just the art houses of NY and LA? Why not go cheaper–get the GL2, get the Azden mic–and go totally online with it?

It wouldn’t be doing a disservice to my idea because more people will be seeing it. I am really starting to contemplate that route and what it might have in store for me… I mean, think about all the internet sensations that get famous… And if I do that, then I’ll at least have the chance to make ONE real indie film before I fizzle out and go back to online… Like that Tay Zonday guy who sang Chocolate Rain who got his fifteen minutes with a performance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show…

And plus it’s not like I can’t rent out theaters and hold screenings myself. I mean, shit. I can do whatever I want. It’s my fuckin’ movie. I shouldn’t have to tailor to the wants of an industry so mired in red tape.

And sell DVDs and all that shit. I guarantee you, this is sounding like a better idea by the second. But we’ll see what happens.

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