just a note…

Concerning my review of the 400 Blows: I’ve been reflecting on the film and I added a paragraph’s worth of a footnote. Check it out here. It mostly has to do with the editing.

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eagle vs. shark

If Noah Baumbach and Michel Gondry made a child that came out a New Zealander with a sense of Wes-Anderson-esque irony, this baby’s name would be Eagle Vs. Shark. Taika Waititi’s feature debut is not an Animal Planet special. Instead, it’s about a girl who falls for a guy only to find out he’s a […]

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Still Life Treatment

So I haven’t updated on this projeckt in a little while because nothing has happened. I still have no money, I still have no equipment. So what now and what then and how? Well, I figured I’d at least post the treatment for the screenplay… I mean, what harm can it do? It can’t do […]

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the blair witch project

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said about this film. Synopsis: Dumbass college kids get lost in the woods looking for the Blair Witch while trying to make a documentary about said Witch. And so this is the second psychological, hide-the-killer thriller I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks. And […]

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the strangers

So after I found out that the local theater has $4 matinees (if you live in Rancho Cucamonga, go to the Terra Vista 6. It’s there you’ll find cheap-ass tickets that haven’t gone up in price for five years) and I figured I’d go see the one movie that looked appealing. It was the Strangers […]

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Have you heard of this film? Well, if you haven’t, just know that it’s pretty fucked up. See, the main character, Jess Weixler, has a little thing called vagina dentata or, in lay terms, teeth in her cooch. For example, her overbearing older brother tried to molest her when they were five. And her vagina […]

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