Step Brothers

So I’m not a member of the media so this review is automatically late. I’m not complaining, just saying. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play infantile 40 year olds in this comedy that revolves around their potential coming of age. It’s the same type of story you’ve seen before–infantile mid-30’s40’s man has to grow […]

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There Will Be Blood

I could have sworn I reviewed this movie. I guess not. If you don’t remember what this film is about, let me refresh your memory: Morally Ambiguous Oilman vs. Morally Ambiguous Prophet (The Fight of the Fucking Century only on PPV [after Girls Gone Wild: First Timers]) It might even be better that I haven’t […]

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My problem with Wikipedia

Well, there’s multiple problems with Wikipedia, including when it gets ragingly hacked by douche bags with half of something to say, but the one I’m going to quickly discuss before I move onto my next review is this one: Go to a Wiki page concerning any movie. Here are some examples: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape […]

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I first saw this film the Sunday of its opening weekend. There was something “full shine and full of sparkle” that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The next night, I saw it again. My head was filled and crammed with bits and notes of words that I was going to write down. But, […]

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The Dark Knight

Spoilers ahead, save you the time and analysis: see it, I think… My wariness is discussed later. After seeing this film, I can see what all the critics are praising it for. And it’s definitely not the dialog track that can be as muddled as a Scottish film because of Batman’s gruff voice which, on […]

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