Step Brothers

So I’m not a member of the media so this review is automatically late.

I’m not complaining, just saying.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play infantile 40 year olds in this comedy that revolves around their potential coming of age.

It’s the same type of story you’ve seen before–infantile mid-30’s40’s man has to grow up to deal with some sort of situation. Look at Billy Madison or Big Daddy or most any other Adam Sandler film.

But instead of this being about one infantile 40 year old, it’s about two. And they both think they’re better than the other.

They’re step brothers because their divorced parents just got married to each other so they’re living together and forced to share a room.

That’s the plot. Does it sound funny? It could, if you feel like this type of thing isn’t outplayed or just sheerly annoying. I enjoy Billy Madison because of the characters around him–his crazy father, his squirrelly archenemy, his friends.

This movie, however, just plain didn’t work for me. I like John C. Reilly but I prefer him in more seriouspathetic roles. Same with Will Ferrell–he has the ability to be a comic with a soul. We saw shades of this in some of his more seriousdarkly comic turns in other films.

But this film and director Adam McKay’s other efforts with Ferrell (Anchorman and Talladega Nights) seem a bit too farcical and overdone. It’s surprising that they’re developed out of the Apatow clan (Seth Rogen even makes a cameo) because it’s not the same style of comedy from their other, more heartfelt, efforts.

Overall I guess it was okay. There were a few good laughs that I won’t spoil for you but unless you like 40 year old males acting like 15 year old mid-pubescent boys, this movie won’t be enjoyable for you.

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