Aural Pleasure in the Cinema

Music is something that can make or break a film for me. And, I mean, it makes sense, right? Since the first days of cinema, there’s been a musical aspect. From organists to scores to pop music. It’s been ubiquitous and a part of the experience. Even if the performances are top notch, head-of-the-class, flawless […]

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Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller’s latest vehicle as a director seems to work and fail on the same levels. At times, it seems like it wants to be a serious war film and yet, at other times (ones usually not set in Vietnam), it seems like it wants to be a comedy. And the times when these things […]

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Super Troopers

Given their recent track record, I’d say that the guys behind Broken Lizard really went all out for their first major film. Their subsequent movie, Club Dread, was awful. Not funny and not well written. Beerfest was alright. It has a lot of solid laughs, but it often falls prey to itself—though, admittedly, it’s probably […]

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Punch Drunk Love

So if you haven’t heard the story yet, Adam Sandler has made a movie that proves he has a soul. I think. See, in Punch Drunk Love he doesn’t play the infantile man-child suffering from Arrested Development. Instead, such social and mental handicaps are forced upon him by his suffocating sisters—of which he has seven. […]

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Gangs of New York

As I’ve stated before, every film-maker has to make their war film (I mentioned it in my review of the Adventures of Baron [von] Munchausen). This would be Scorsese’s war film. Sure, he’s made movies about mafia wars and taxi-drivers before, but never have their been battle scenes as setup here. The movie starts with […]

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