Note: I originally wrote this for the Lumberjack (HSU’s newspaper), but they decided to be cunts and went with a Burn After Reading review from the Associated Press. What a bunch of assholes. Then again, if I had realized that Burn After Reading came out that week, I probably would’ve reviewed it instead. I thought […]

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Vicky Christina Barcelona

I know this movie has been out for a good, long, while–I could tell by the scratches on the print that I saw that it was already played at some other theater. But here, behind the Redwood Curtain where I reside, it just came out last weekend. So you know the story already by now, […]

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Boogie Nights

There were two movies that I saw late last year and early this year that sent me into a film-loving spiral: There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men. See, with No Country, I had no idea who the Coen Bros. were though I had seen O Brother Where Art Thou and The […]

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Bad Boys

Okay, so over the hiatus I accidentally fell in love with Michael Bay. His movies are definitely not high art. I know that. But dammit if they aren’t some crazy-fun shit. My roommate and I conceded that they’re like the cocaine of cinema. “It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings!” And, like, Dewey […]

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Great Scott. What a Hiatus

I have to apologize. The new semester’s started up here and I’ve been swamped writing and photographing for the school newspaper and magazine… As well as taking a film class that’s ridiculously informative. I’ll be updating the Captain’s Log soon. I’ve seen a couple of new movies. And Filmic Pulp has begun to be printed, […]

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