By the Numbers, Jan. 8-10

Avatar continued its run at number 1 with 48 million dollars, and Sherlock Holmes & Alvin and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Squeakquel continued their respective runs at Nos. 2 and 3 with numbers in the $16 million range.

This means that, once again, Avatar eclipsed its competition by over $20 million for the second straight week. I find this fascinating, honestly. I was expecting it to have died down by now–but, instead, it now holds the record (by a long shot) for the highest grossing fourth weekend ever (which, also, is the first record its beaten out Titanic for). Unlike most here and gone blockbusters like Transformers 2 or the first two entries into the Twilight saga, this thing seems to have some staying power.

The highest grossing new release was Daybreakers, fighting for #4 with $15 million. Youth in Revolt, a movie which I really want to see, was #9. Somehow, Leap Year made just over $9 million.

The other interesting thing to note was that the Blindside seems to finally be receding. It had a 34% drop this past weekend after pretty much holding steady at No. 5 for the past few weeks.

It’ll be interesting to see where the Book of Eli slots in next week. My guess is that it will probably clock in at #2 or 3, behind Avatar and, maybe, Sherlock Holmes or Daybreakers–the latter is a movie I see gaining ground by word of mouth. It’ll also be interesting to see on what day Avatar finally cracks the $500 million mark and stands as No. 3 on the All-Time list (unadjusted).

Most everything else was negligible in that “typical business” kind of way.

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