I was surfing the web and came across a couple trailers that I thought were absolutely insane. Most of these links go to the Apple pages, because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like mixing it up.

Furry Vengeance – Somehow, this got produced. And Brendan Fraser thought it’d be a good idea to follow in the career-defining footsteps of John Travolta and do comedy-killing slapstick. The cuteness factor doesn’t even seem to be an issue here because they’re focused on a raccoon–and they aren’t cute. They’re fucking horrifying when it’s 10pm and all you want to do is take out the garbage but you can’t because there’s a family of them living in the dumpster. Jesus, at least Wild Hogs 2 got canceled.

She’s Out of my League – The guy that wants to rear your child got his own movie. How? I have no idea, but it seems at least kind of funny. I can already tell you the exact three act structure that’s at play here and the trailer does a good job of telling us who to root for, so it should be an easy pill to swallow once March rolls around.

Green Zone – Paul Greengrass seems to hate tripods. I haven’t seen any of his other films except for an hour of The Bourne Identity, and I’m afraid to watch United 93, but that’s about all I’ve gathered. This seems to be a rather frenetic adventure in Iraq–which means it will flop.

Kick-Ass – I’ve seen this trailer a few times and I’m still excited for what looks like a violent, funny, and fun film. It also confirms my suspicion that McLovin will forever be McLovin’. I think this was a graphic novel first, I don’t know.

Bounty HunterKnight and Day – Fuck. Another set rom-act-coms that can only be blamed on Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It seems like we’ve been seeing a lot of these lately even though I can’t name any off the top of my head. Maybe it’s such a bad idea that, even though not many movies may exist in this sub-sub-suck-genre, I already have a generally burn-out feeling about them. I guess Thelma and Louise counts.

Okay, that should do it for now.

One thought on “Trailers

  1. Yeah, whatever dignity Branden Fraser had seems to have utterly dissipated since he had kids. Now it’s all about paying the bills by appearing in crappy kid flicks. The sad thing was I used to actually like the guy, back in the “good ol’ days” when he was playing homophobic gardeners in “Gods and Monsters” with Ian McKellen or mentally unbalanced baseball pitchers in “The Scout.” Alas, those days seem to be over.

    Also, you are correct about “Kick-Ass,” it was a comic book first, penned by the Scottish Mark Millar, who is somewhat of a genius, given the fact that he usually sells his script ideas to studios before he even writes the damn comic. The fact that it’s a “comic book movie” makes movie exes cum in their pants, apparently.


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