the social network.

You know what this is: the Facebook Movie (motherfucker).

You don’t know what this is: a smart film that’s less about Facebook and more about the current generation of 20-30 somethings–a generation which I am a part of. I can remember when, in high school in 2005, I tried to sign up for Facebook only to be rejected because I didn’t have a college email address. So I stuck to MySpace because they were cool with that.

Facebook itself seems to be on this downward slide as it becomes more relevant as a cultural zeitgeist and sociophilosophical lynch-pin. That is, as it gets bigger, it slides towards the lowest common denominator–teens, games, apps. You don’t even have to be in college to join anymore. I think that’s kind of weird because that part of the idea really got it started. And this point is brought up in the movie–that it’s different from MySpace and Friendster because of its exclusivity. Just like the clubs at Harvard (that, in the film, seem to be inhabitated with misogynist pigs–okay, filled with the average male).

So the film is excellent as a “fly trapped in amber.” Though, stylistically, it’s sterile and rigid–because it’s David Fincher and that’s what he’s good at. This is why Zodiac was so good–because the search for the killer and the killer himself was a puzzle, with pieces slotting together.

And this movie works that way too–allowing several different perspectives punctuated by court discovery interviews to be played out. You have Mark Zuckerberg’s perspective, Eduardo’s Perspective, and the Douchebag Twins’s perspective (like in the Matrix, but less guns and dreadlocks).

Seven Se7en remains Fincher’s best film, but this one is pretty damn close just because of its poignancy as a cultural kaleidescope.

Jesse Eisenberg confirmed my suspicion: that he’s a good actor. This was film #3 and that does it for me. I can say he’s pretty goddamn good. And Timberlake now has #1.

And I loved the final scene. It was so well done because, for someone like me, you felt the whole “been there” feeling of waiting… and waiting… and waiting.

5 thoughts on “the social network.

  1. One of your tags was simply “Jews?” Isn’t that a little anti-Semitic? Funny story: When you Google the tern “anti-Semitic” one of the first things to pop us is a story about Mel Gibson. Wocka wocka wocka!

    But seriously, “The Social Network” was a great film. One of the best films of the year, in fact. It was well cast, well directed, and that script gave me a total movie boner. Oh Sorkin, you clever bastard.

    I’m thinking this film is the film will be nominated for some Oscars in the near future (Best Adapted Screenplay, anyone?)…


    1. I dunno. It seems like a nominee but not a winner. Insofar, there doesn’t seem to be a clear frontrunner as of yet.

      However, I know one thing: if it’s Secretariat, I’ll fucking kill someone.


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