Five Movies: The First Ten Minutes

In every screenwriting book, they tell you that by the end of the first ten minutes you have to know and empathize with the main characters. Blake Snyder calls this the “Save the Cat” moment wherein our hero/anti-hero does something good/admirable and helps us make the connection to the character. The Incredibles did this quite […]

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By the Numbers: 11/5-11/7

Numbers from Box Office Mojo. It was one of those weekends where nearly everyone had something come out for them. Families had Megamind (#1, $47.65 million), the 18-34 demographic had Due Date (#2, $33.5 million), and the elderly, the urban, the etc. had For Colored Girls (#3, $20.1 million). And it shook out in just that way, […]

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Every Thorn has its Rose [megamind]

Because It’s Inevitable Let’s just get this out of the way now: This movie is not The Incredibles. For a few reasons. First, it’s not as good. Plain and simple. Brad Bird works some kind of special magic, and it’s on full display in the Incredibles. Second, the mythos is completely different. Whereas the Incredibles […]

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