By the Numbers: 11/5-11/7

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All about making an Entrance, preferably to the tune of nearly $50 million.

Numbers from Box Office Mojo.

It was one of those weekends where nearly everyone had something come out for them. Families had Megamind (#1, $47.65 million), the 18-34 demographic had Due Date (#2, $33.5 million), and the elderly, the urban, the etc. had For Colored Girls (#3, $20.1 million).

And it shook out in just that way, with the top three films alone netting $101.25 million alone. In comparison, last year’s top three for this weekend netted just over $55 million. That’s nearly a fifty percent increase over last year. In spite of the boom in business, no one came back to see Saw 3d, which saw the biggest fall with 63%, going from 1st to 5th place, behind Red, which held steady with just over $8 million in its fourth week. I guess watching old farts fuck shit up is appealing enough to garner just a 17% drop from last weekend.

On the Indie Front

Fair Game, the Sean Penn/Naomi Watts movie about the Valerie Plame case, started fairly strong in 46 theaters with a $15k average per theater. Given the recent elections, and the well known nature of both the case and the actors, I’m figuring it will get rolled out a little wider to at least 200 screens within the next couple of weeks. It’s an Oscar bait film, so it’s got to show up on enough screens to make people feel included when it’s nominated.

Another recent history/Oscar Bait flick, 127 Hours, opened even better on less theaters. Netting $266k on 4 screens in LA and NY, in LA and NY, it was good enough for both a $66k avg per screen and an inevitable ramping up of theater count. They tested the waters first with this one, and it seems like the demand is strong enough to expand it to mid-markets in the coming weeks

This is compared to the other “trapped in shitty circumstances” film, Buried, which never quite took off and is now floating toward the bottom of the reported numbers with only $26k from 46 screens. I was really hoping this one would take off. But it never did.

From the WTF Files:

Two spots ahead of 127 Hours is Toy Story 3, which was released on DVD and Blu this past Tuesday. It managed to haul in almost $300k on 264 screens. Befuddling? Kind of. But I’ll admit that if I was anywhere near one of the 264 screens, I’d probably see it again.

And just because the internet lets us:

The #1 Movie in Turkey for the Weekend of October 28th-31st (last reported) was Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure. According to IMDB, it’s absolutely nothing. The IMDB page is blank. But Wikipedia’s page on the TV Show “Winx Club,” which it’s based on, states that it’s Italy’s first 3D film. Seems like a really popular kids show in Italy (and Turkey?). We’ll probably never see this film or most of the TV show–it looks like it’s tied up in licensing purgatory.

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