Where the money goes [graceland]

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In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I wanted to do a blog post about where the money will be going.

This is something I touched upon in the video, but I wanted to give you some hard figures. I pulled these from IndieRentals, since they seem to be cheapest overall.

Camera rental: $1230/wk.

Lighting Rental: $300/wk (you usually need more than one light kit, so it’s 2x $150/wk)

Grip Rentals: $450/wk

Sound: $216/wk

Total: $2,346.

Then you have to include location costs–and permit fees. I’ve heard that these can be pretty crazy… About $500 for a permit just to film in Los Angeles. Then you have to pay for your locations.

Then you add in feeding about 25-30 people for a week straight.

Then you add in a budget for the production designer to dress the locations.

Then you add in the 4500 dollars that I’m charging just to make my own script.

That last part’s a joke.

But everything else is serious. Can you see how expensive this endeavor becomes once you start to gather facts and figures?

And I guarantee you that all the money that you donate will go towards one of these myriad things because we’re going to be operating on a tiny budget for a project this large so every penny counts in a situation like this.

That’s why I’m asking you guys to give what you can give–every dollar closer to our goal helps us out quite a bit. I understand the trepidation and I understand the fear but this is something serious for me in my life. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do since I was 8 years old. And now I have the opportunity to do it.

I just need your help to get us there. Head over to our IndieGoGo page, read through the materials, and check the updates section. Then, if you still have questions, contact me! I don’t bite and I respond in a very timely manner.

Everything helps. And I will be grateful for anything.

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