A Detailed Guide to Donating on IndieGoGo, Just In Case You Need It [graceland]

Okay, so. Let’s say you get to the IndieGoGo page, you read through all the information, and then you’re all “Gee, I’d love to donate, but I wish someone was here to help me out!” Well, this is the closest I can get to being your personal Donating to Graceland Assistant. Follow these instructions and you’re on your way to having a good day. You can click on the pictures and they’ll come up all huge in a new tab and whatnot. 

Step 1: The Contribute Now Button

This is our IndieGoGo page. What’s Circled is the Contribute Now button. Keep in mind that you can pick whatever amount you wish to donate, the $50 next to it doesn’t mean anything. Give what you can!

Step 2: Figure Out How Much You Want to Donate

The first section of the Contribute Now page lists all of the perks available, with the final one being “No perk, just a donation,” which is 100% tax deductible no matter how much you give. If you get some of our swag/cool shit, you’ll notice that only the cost over the item is tax deductible. So you’ll get everything back on your taxes except what it cost us to make you a bitchin’ poster (ed. note–we’re actually doing the photo shoot today!)

In the box that the arrow is pointing to, you can put the amount which you wish to donate. It can be any number you want, like the Showcase Showdown. You do the $1 bid, but everyone knows that’s stupid. But any number from 1-nth is valid. You could donate $43 if you wanted to. Or any number. You get it.

Step 3: When things Get PersonalIn order to donate, you need to first give us your email address. If you don’t want fun emails from IndieGoGo, uncheck the box that says “Send me occassional emails like our monthly newsletter.”

Step 2 of this part is whether or not you want to tell the world that you donated. We’ve got three options: Name and Amount, Name only, and Anonymous. So there’s confidentiality–or, if you’re embarrassed about supporting the arts (you really shouldn’t be, silly goose), you can go anonymous. I’d like to think the second two are mostly for Daddy Fat Stax out there who give a lot and don’t want to be recognized. Either way, you should be proud that you’re doing this, so I’d recommend at least posting your Name.

Step 3 is totally optional, but I’d love for you guys to leave us a comment–hell, you could even do a shoutout. “All my homies in Cell Block 3 would be proud of my donation…” Anything. Just try to leave a comment.

Step 4:  Pay the Man

This is the part where you fill out your credit card information. In the picture, you’ll notice there’s a popup window–this is their “Don’t worry, your safe” message. I figured you should see it so I could say Don’t Worry, Your Money is Safe and We’re Not Gonna Steal Your Identity.

Then hit contribute. 

Step 5: ConfirmationThis is your last chance to back out, if you really really want to (My guess, you don’t.) Just make sure you didn’t put extra zeros at the end of your $5 donation. We’d be pleased to have it, but your credit score might not be. Or, hell, make sure you did put extra zeros if your confident like that. We appreciate extra zeros.

Step 6: Spread the Word (This One’s Important)

After you press confirm, you will get a nearly identical dialog box. Don’t Ignore It, This is Important. See, crowd funding requires a crowd. And one way to get a crowd is to get our donors tweeting/emailing/Facebooking about their contributions and how just absolutely bitchin’ this project is.

If you don’t have a twitter, hit the email button. Then the Facebook button. We need you to help us by sharing this project. Your money is incredible and great and we’re incredibly thankful for it. But, think, there’s even more you can do to help us that doesn’t cost anything.

Spread the word.

Step 7: The Emails You Receive.

7.1 The Important Email from Fractured Atlas

This email is the one that you need to print and file away, or let sit in your inbox until Tax Time next year. But this is your voucher that says “Give me my money back Uncle Sam.”

So print it, and save it with all the receipts from the Goodwill and whatnot. I figure your philanthropic enough to have a folder entitled “Awesome Shit I’ve Done that the Government’s Gonna Pay Me Back For.” I do. It’s not only helpful come next tax season, it’s also a friendly reminder on a bad day that, yes, you do help people and yes, you are a good person.

7.2 The Kind of Important Email from IndieGoGo

This email from IndieGoGo is one you don’t need to print and save, it’s simply the one that says “Your Order Went Through, Here’s the Details.”

You can keep this one for your records as well, but the only one you need for taxes is the Fractured Atlas Email (7.1)

Step 8: You Make Me Feel Like This:

Happy. We’re making a movie folks.

Party Down, Funding Up. 

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