Fuck You Omar Mateen

“Sunday’s massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, grimly changed the equation, stirring communal fears and swiftly prompting tighter security at gay pride events. The gunman, identified as Omar Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida, told his father he had been disturbed by seeing two men kissing in Miami.” AP Story, emphasis added.

This is hate. This is evil incarnate. But what’s wild is that I know in my heart of hearts that the gay community won’t stand for this shit and our gay-straight alliance will grow stronger because of this shithead’s absolutely fucked up actions.

I’m mad about this. It’s so insanely sad and it comes so soon after the San Bernardino shootings and the Paris attacks and the killings in Damascus and every other effed up thing that’s been happening lately. This definitely is the beginning of the end of a turbulent decade.

And it really does change the equation. What the hell do we do now? The issue is now pushed to the forefront and must be addressed by our presidential candidates. How do we fight back against ISIS? Maybe Anonymous can hack their systems and destroy something of theirs.

I’m at an absolute loss so hopefully someone up top knows what’s the best course of action.

We must unite as humans in love.

One thing though, if we start having crazy natural disasters, I might worry that it’s the apocalypse. Because Christ is this unfair to everyone.

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