Blade Runner 2049

Alright, honestly? I’m never sure where to start when it comes to writing film reviews. They usually seem to only have a middle—no beginning, no end. Just words words words -30-. So uh… Where do we start with Blade Runner 2049? I think with the color yellow. Yea, yellow. Because it’s in every fucking frame […]

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A Magic Mountain Monograph

I’m big into roller coasters. Like, I’ve ridden nearly 140 of them in six different states. These giant machines mean a lot to me for some reason.  Let’s start from the beginning if only because I’ve never really written about this. For some aberrant reason, I find it kinda embarrassing. Anyway, it started with Roller […]

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Remainder–a short story

Everything changed when it began to rain nails. Pam Zelzah was heading across the factory floor, walking from her office to the break room on the opposite side of the building. She was around 40 with blonde hair and grey eyes, the only woman on the board at the brewery.

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