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It Comes At Night–Oh, wait, I guess not.

There’s a scene early on in the film that truly shows why it kinda sucks. After trying to break into Paul’s house, Will subsequently gets tied to a tree and left outside overnight. That’s when I started to think that the big reveal would be made–that there’s something in the woods that they’re trying to get away from.

But nothing happens to Will that night. Nothing at all came at night which is a goddamn disappointment. If nothing else, I was expecting dread-based horror set in a house in the woods. Instead, it’s a survival drama about two families at odds with their needs and their niceties. It’s about staying healthy amidst a devastating plague, not some type of monster. And, maybe if I had gone in with those expectations, I would’ve enjoyed the film more.

As it stands, though, I really didn’t enjoy It Comes at Night. The visual aspect was very paint-by-the-numbers and devoid of much of an imprint. It didn’t seem like inspired or excited filmmaking in anyway. Joel Edgerton, who’s a pretty good actor (he tore the roof off of Midnight Special) and who’s grown beyond the Sam-Worthington-Fill-in status that he started his career, phones it in while the cast of lesser-knowns lineup and follow suit.

It didn’t seem like I wasn’t the only one who felt that way: the crowd jeered at the end of the movie, with one guy shouting, “That was bullshit!” Indeed, sir, it was.

Wonder Woman Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m actually a fan of the DC Extended Universe thus far. The movies have been kinda crappy but I really appreciate how willing they are to hand over a film to someone and allow them to fail. I mean, they let Zack Snyder make an R-Rated, 3 hour, Batman movie so it’s definitely in my interest to see what other filmmakers do with that kind of leeway.

So far, though, none of the movies have lived up to it. Suicide Squad is damn near unwatchable and Man of Steel is pretty but rather dull. The one outlier is Batman vs. Superman. I absolutely love that film for some reason. I just think it’s got some of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen though, true, there’s not enough Batman on Superman action.

That was so far, this is now. With Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. and DC finally made a movie that wasn’t an outright clunker. The action sequences are well choreographed, the script is well written. It’s an entertaining origin story–which is incredibly tough now that we get origin stories every year (the latest being Dr. Strange).

The characters presented actually mattered and they played up the whole fish-out-of-water scenario that the fact that Diana was completely invulnerable didn’t cross my mind. She still seemed to susceptible to bad things happening to her even though she shows time and again that she can destroy the shit out of anything.

It’s also not as dark as the other films in this universe. There are quite a few laughs and there isn’t this weird gray laying over everything like a dour cloud. Instead, there’s a lot of bright reds and blues–owing a lot of that to the costume design which always found a way to make her pop into the foreground of every scene she’s in.

My hope is that this is a course correction for the studio and not a one-off really good movie from the people behind the DC films. It seems like it’ll be getting better now that Joss Whedon is stepping into the fold.