On Bear vs. Shark

I first heard of Bear vs. Shark from a girlfriend I had years ago. She played them for me as we drove around Barstow Community College. I was instantly hooked. They had the blend of rhythm and screams that I love so much. They’re in the same vein as At the Drive-in and Hot Water […]

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Here is Your New Blog Post

I never write enough So I’m trying something new or different or whatever. Don’t call it a poem– I tell you I’m open wide and dangling, feeling as if poems on blogs are a metonym for pompous cocksuckery. But who knows. I do this all the time but never really say nothin’ because I fear […]

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Magic Mountain June 5th

I went to Six Flags and had a pretty killer day. It seems like the park is really on the up and up in terms of cleanliness and quality of food (which is weird, since their practically giving it away at this point and you’d expect it almost to get worse as a result). I […]

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Observe and Report: Anosognosia in Macro

Anosognosia: “lack of insight” or “lack of awareness” – is believed to be the single largest reason why individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder do not take their medications. Treatment Advocacy Center It’s this really unfortunate thing, right? That Paul Blart came out in January of 2009 and six days shy of four months later Observe […]

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Late to the Party: Mumford & Sons

I don’t know why I’ve never listened to them, honestly. Ever since I started using Last.FM, they’ve been one of my recommended artists, constantly tied sonically to other bands that I enjoy, but, honestly, they’ve never stuck with me. When I first got Spotify, I tried to listen to them again and I can remember […]

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Paul and Fiona: The 90s live

This has gotta be one of my favorite stories on Paul Thomas Anderson and Fiona Apple.  I had always viewed their relationship from my own perspective of reading about Anderson in film magazines and only hearing it mentioned in passing… I didn’t know they were a power couple!

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Fahrenheit 451, Page 151

“And when the war’s over, someday, some year, the books can be written again, the people be called in, one by one, to recite what they know and we’ll set it up in type until another Dark Age, when we might have to do the whole damn thing over again. But that’s the wonderful thing about […]

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