paranormal activity 2

There is something about these movies that absolutely scares the shit out of me. To wit: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more likely to cry during a movie than scream. I didn’t scream during the first one, but it was a well metered thriller that kept its high levels of suspense until the […]

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quick hits

NOTE: THESE REVIEWS ARE MERELY STANDINS. WHENIF I REWATCH THE FILM, IT WILL MORE THOROUGHLY REVIEWED. EP The 40-Year-Old-Virgin (9–the unrated scenes actually add something, unlike many movies where it’s just a fucking ploy) Dazed and Confused (4–fuck you Richard Linklater. Your high school experience was like this? Well, then, you’re an asshole.) Wild at […]

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oscar coverage from a bus going north

let’s talk Oscars. On the bus ride home, Kelley was sending me results since I couldn’t view the actual program. I’m glad that the Coen brothers finally won Best Director(s). It’s an award they’ve deserved for almost every movie they’ve done (except the Ladykillers. What was that shit?!) In the Best Supporting Actor category, I […]

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