Malick + Bay = …Kanye…?

I just finished watching Kanye West’s 34 minute music video called Runaway. It features nine songs from his upcoming album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and the video lives up to the title of the album. This is what happens, in a nutshell: a phoenix falls to Earth, becomes Kanye’s girlfriend (or kidnap victim, it’s […]

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captain’s edit: Post number 100! Let’s make a cake! This is the end of Jackass, of Wild Boyz, of Viva La Bam. There will be no more piss and shit and blood and sweat for your viewing pleasure. On the bright side, it’s the best sendoff these shows could ever get because there’s a little […]

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paranormal activity 2

There is something about these movies that absolutely scares the shit out of me. To wit: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more likely to cry during a movie than scream. I didn’t scream during the first one, but it was a well metered thriller that kept its high levels of suspense until the […]

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A Single Man

I wasn’t entirely sure what this movie was when I went into it. I had read about it being a gay love story, but I was unsure by the time I went in because I had read about it when it first came out months ago and the picture that stuck most in my mind […]

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Where the Wild Things are

I saw Where the Wild Things Are at 6 PM on opening Friday. Since that day, I’ve discussed with people what exactly the symbolism and the lack of plot exactly mean. Most people just seem to write it off, seemingly not expecting an art film and just wanting to be entertained goddammit. But there’s so […]

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Note: I originally wrote this for the Lumberjack (HSU’s newspaper), but they decided to be cunts and went with a Burn After Reading review from the Associated Press. What a bunch of assholes. Then again, if I had realized that Burn After Reading came out that week, I probably would’ve reviewed it instead. I thought […]

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