It Comes At Night–Oh, wait, I guess not.

There’s a scene early on in the film that truly shows why it kinda sucks. After trying to break into Paul’s house, Will subsequently gets tied to a tree and left outside overnight. That’s when I started to think that the big reveal would be made–that there’s something in the woods that they’re trying to get away from.

But nothing happens to Will that night. Nothing at all came at night which is a goddamn disappointment. If nothing else, I was expecting dread-based horror set in a house in the woods. Instead, it’s a survival drama about two families at odds with their needs and their niceties. It’s about staying healthy amidst a devastating plague, not some type of monster. And, maybe if I had gone in with those expectations, I would’ve enjoyed the film more.

As it stands, though, I really didn’t enjoy It Comes at Night. The visual aspect was very paint-by-the-numbers and devoid of much of an imprint. It didn’t seem like inspired or excited filmmaking in anyway. Joel Edgerton, who’s a pretty good actor (he tore the roof off of Midnight Special) and who’s grown beyond the Sam-Worthington-Fill-in status that he started his career, phones it in while the cast of lesser-knowns lineup and follow suit.

It didn’t seem like I wasn’t the only one who felt that way: the crowd jeered at the end of the movie, with one guy shouting, “That was bullshit!” Indeed, sir, it was.

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