That Moment.

  I will Never be Able to Tell you Exactly What Happened During Apocalypse Now Somewhere within the 2 hrs. and 33 mins. of the film[1] I realized I wanted to be a filmmaker. I can even tell you where I was. Cypress Dorms, floor #6. Sitting at my desk in my room, staring at […]

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why graceland?

Let’s start at the very beginning. I was still at Humboldt State University at the time. It was my last semester. I had easy classes and nothing to do. So I was wandering through the library, looking at back issues of Sight & Sound, a film magazine from the UK. I like it because their […]

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graceland pitch video.

At midnight, this link will be live. Right now, I have the pitch video encouraging you to click on the link and to start sharing these links and the posters and get people talking about graceland. I’m all about giving back. And I try to wherever I can, however I can. Your money is going […]

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  (wrt facebook button only going to the page and not directly to you liking it: Fuck WordPress.)

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