human nature

I watched the first Michel GondryCharlie Kaufman vehicle last night (The second being the epiphanical Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) entitled Human Nature. In typical Kaufman style, it’s a fucked up script about a woman with a hormone problem that causes her to have hair all over her body like a man which causes […]

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Swingers is the story about a guy getting over a girl who he was with for 6 years. She broke up with him, he moved to LA to become a comic even though his character’s not very funny. This movie made me want to live in Los Angeles for the rest of my life in […]

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the outlaw josey wales

Josey Wales is a western with Clint Eastwood where he gets betrayed multiple times and then becomes an outlaw, leaving a trail of bodies everywhere he goes. He was an ultimate badass. Gets his house burned down and cries vengeance on the Union–who then force the rest of his gang to surrender. The story’s steeped […]

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texas chainsaw massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974 has been on my mind all day and night since watching it last night on Netflix’ Watch Now feature–something that was much more convenient and of much higher quality than I expected. I was expecting something much more similar to its 2003 remake starring Jessica Biel et al, yet […]

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